Gillingham Access to Growth

Growth Deal funding up to £3,450,000

Allocated to Dorset County Council

Local Growth Funding has been allocated to deliver a package of transport improvement schemes within Gillingham town centre which are most directly related to unlocking and delivering the development of 1,350 homes and 1,250 jobs.

The infrastructure works include:

  • Shaftesbury Road/New Road junction improvement
  • Newbury/Le Neuborg Way junction improvement
  • SCOOT installation on 5 junctions along the B3081/B3092 corridor
  • Sustainable transport improvements – walking, cycling links between the development, station, town centre
  • The Enmore Green Link Road could be designed up and made ready for submission to other government bidding opportunities

Dorset LEP Board signed off the Full Business Case in September 2018.

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