Orthopaedic Research Institute

Growth Deal funding up to £1,650,000 (phase 1 £700,000 / phase 2 £950,000)

Awarded to Bournemouth University

Phase 1

Local Growth Funding was awarded to establish a research centre of excellence in orthopaedics at Bournemouth University, to grow Dorset’s Orthopaedic Development and Innovation Accelerator Cluster of innovative businesses in this field.

This includes the purchase of a number of key pieces of cutting-edge virtual reality training equipment:

  • A new world-class orthopaedic gait analysis laboratory - the ‘GRAIL’ (gait real-time analysis interactive laboratory)
  • Primus RS equipment for muscle testing, joint angle measurement, muscle force testing as well as models of hips for demonstrations and video recording equipment
  • Virtual reality arthroscopy (a VR training system for hip arthroscopy based on virtual reality VR techniques).  BUORI is the only place in the world to offer this type of keyhole surgery training
  • TKR (a VR training system for total knee replacement).  BUORI is the first centre in Europe to offer this facility.

The  Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) works across Bournemouth University and with local hospitals and industry partners to carry out research aimed at improving current orthopaedic treatments, developing better surgeries and testing new technology and developing better rehabilitation processes.


For further information visit the BU ORI website.


Phase 2

Local Growth Funding has been allocated to enhance BU ORI facilities and to fund additional equipment, to provide training for UK and overseas surgeons and other high-value healthcare professionals, and to deliver training in conjunction with industry.

This will accelerate global reach of ground breaking Orthopaedic Research at Bournemouth University and a presence in the BU Global hub in China, India, the ASEAN hub and in Eastern Europe.

Watch a video about BUORI’s new GRAIL and virtual reality training equipment here.  





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