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Education: 26.5% with GCE A level or equivalent - aged 16 to 64 – compared to the UK average of 22.5%.

Educational standards are above that of the Great Britain average for NVQ’s at all levels,  with impressive rates throughout the rest of the South West which local companies can draw from.

Dorset is above the national educational standard and trend which makes Dorset an attractive place to invest. The areas surrounding Dorset is well educated by GB standards too, meaning than investors will be able to pull on the Educated labour force from around the fringes of Dorset.

For more information on local education institutions and providers click here

There is also Dorset Employment & Skills Board, where more information can be found here

Education Statistics from the ONS

Qualifications - January 2014 - December 2014        
Individual Levels Dorset Level Dorset (%) South West (%) Great Britian (%)
NVQ Level 4 and above 162,200 36.3 36.6 36
NVQ Level 3 and above 265,200 59.2 59.2 56.7
NVQ Level 2 and above 342,600 76.4 76.5 73.3
NVQ Level 1 and above 399,800 89.2 89.5 85
Other Qualifications 23,400 5.2 4.9 6.2
No Qualifications 25,100 5.6 5.6 8.8



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