Housing Group

The housing group has been established to better understand the impact of housing on growth potential in Dorset.

Dorset will need to accommodate the projected population growth, predicted retirement and existing jobs that achieve growth without exacerbating problems and maintaining the status quo. Housing affordability is extremely poor in Dorset, making it difficult for local residents and incoming residents to afford housing. There is a national drive to increase the supply of affordable housing and thereby increase the ownership of housing.

Dorset’s vision is for a sufficient supply of affordable housing to meet the needs of Dorset’s economically active population. We want to support and enable the delivery of enough new homes to meet the demand from those who live and work in Dorset. Where possible, housing should be co-located with sustainable transport hubs, and along with new employment sites, should contribute to the self-containment of urban areas. Digital technology and the potential for flexible working should be integral to new housing developments.

Supporting Dorset's Economic Growth - Future Housing Provision 

A report was commissioned by the housing group to investigate future housing provision, key Issues and future options. Read the report 'Supporting Dorset's Economic Growth - Future Housing Provision'. 

LEP Board Representation: Alison MooreAndrea Smith

LEP Officer Attendance: Lorna Carver 

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