Connected Dorset

The Connected Dorset Group has been long established as a sub-group of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership. Membership of the Group includes representation from key business, Local Authorities, transport suppliers and operators as well as other interested organisations. The members of the group all have a specific transport role to help facilitate all sectors of transport across Dorset.

The aim of the group in partnership is to promote an efficient and reliable transport infrastructure and high speed communications system - designed to help facilitate local economic growth by creating the right conditions for more highly skilled jobs and housing across Dorset.

The work of the group is strategic in nature both as a sounding board but also in helping to progress and promote future funding opportunities. Examples include:

  • improving access to port, airport and regeneration areas;
  • improving the connectivity to and from the strategic network north of the area;
  • an overview of the progress in super-fast broadband , improvement of 4G connectivity and advances in mobile technology across the whole of Dorset.

Conntected Dorset Terms of Reference

Board Membership: Jim Stewart (Chair), Gordon Page

LEP Officer Attendance: Lorna Carver, Rob Dunford

Transport Working Group

Working groups are created as and when they are needed for a particular project, they are attended by members of the Connected Dorset Group.

At present there is one working group for Connected Dorset: Freight Quality Partnership.

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