The Employment and Skills Board


The Dorset Employment and Skills Board (ESB) was established in July 2010 as a private/ public partnership with membership drawn from the business communities across Dorset.  It also includes representatives from Further Education, Higher Education and a number of key public sector organisations. The Board is now aligned to the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and will provide the strategic oversight of the Skills Agenda.  

The Board aims to provide a common focus for co-ordination, oversight and prioritisation of the following 4 priority areas:

  • Upskilling Dorset’s current and future workforce to meet the needs of employers and contribute to economic growth
  • Raising the aspirations, employability and entrepreneurial capability of Dorset’s young people
  • Supporting Welfare to Work Initiatives that aim to address unemployment, poverty and families with complex issues to reduce the number of economically inactive people
  • Creating an environment that supports successful enterprise start ups
The board is committed to working collaboratively to raising employment, skills levels, health and well-being to increase the economic prosperity in Dorset.



Read The Dorset Skills Plan 2014 - 2016 here

Read the Dorset Employment & Skills Board Annual Report 2015 here.

Employment and Skills Board also supports:

'Did it Happen?': Measuring the impact of The Dorset Employment & Skills Board ‘Making it Happen’ Projects.

This year the Dorset Employment and Skills Board funded six projects aimed at bringing to life its priorities of;

  • Workforce Skills
  • Educating for Work and Enterprise
  • Business Development and Support
  • Supporting People into Work
  • Fundraising and Lobbying

The six projects were managed by ESB Board Members and were brought together under the banner ‘Making it Happen’. Dorset LEP funded ‘Making it Happen’ through the ESB. £30k was invested and this ‘Measuring the Impact’ report evaluates the effectiveness of these projects and attempts to answer the question ‘Did it Happen?’.

‘Action through Dorset People’: The Dorset Employment and Skills Board response to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) report ‘Growth Through People’

Earlier this year the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) published a seminal report ‘Growth Through People’. This is the Dorset Employment and Skills Board response – ‘Action Through Dorset People’. Our report is a Dorset response to the five Priorities for Action highlighted in ‘Growth Through People’. It makes recommendations as to how we can respond and make the principle aim of the report ‘to build a consensus about how to achieve economic growth that is sustained and fair – growth through people’ a reality in Dorset.


Employment and Skills Board Terms of Reference

LEP Board Representation:  Emma Hunt

Contact the ESB:

Adrian Trevett
C/o Civic Centre Poole Dorset BH15 2RU
T: 01202 633032

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