Bournemouth International Growth Programme


What is the Bournemouth International Growth programme?

Bournemouth International Growth (BIG) programme is a major economic growth plan focused on employment and development around Bournemouth Airport.

Almost £40 million secured by Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the Dorset Growth Deal is funding a series of transport and infrastructure investments.

Governance of the BIG Programme is detailed here.

What is the BIG programme going to do?

Over the next four years the BIG programme will:

  • Transform accessibility to and around Bournemouth Airport through extensive transport improvements
  • Release up to 60 hectares of prime, flexible employment land for high-quality new business premises at Aviation Business Park 
  • Provide the single largest employment opportunity in the south east Dorset conurbation with the potential to create up to 10,000 new highly skilled jobs over the next decade
  • Generate up to £500 million of GVA into the area
  • Deliver around 350 new homes of which up to 50 per cent are affordable
  • Deliver increased broadband capacity to Bournemouth Airport and Aviation Business Park
  • Develop a new approach to improve skills and employee development, better tailoring it to the needs of key business sectors (aerospace, aviation, advanced manufacturing, digital media, marine, defence and financial services)

Why is it needed?

Bournemouth Airport is a significant economic asset to Dorset. Alongside the redevelopment of Aviation Business Park, an exciting economic growth opportunity exists for the region. Please download a copy of the BIG Programme Brochure here.

However, existing key link roads and transport networks are congested, inadequate and are acting as a barrier to growth. They are in vital need of reconstruction. In addition, poor infrastructure and lack of housing are hindering growth and need to be transformed if Bournemouth Airport and Aviation Business Park are able to reach their full economic potential.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership successfully secured almost £40 million to fund the BIG programme to enhance access to employment sites around Bournemouth Airport, allow more jobs to be created, support better housing and enable the improvement and sustainability of the local economy.

Who is funding the BIG programme and how much is it costing?

£45,200,000 has been allocated to fund the BIG programme. This is part of the £79 million funding secured by Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership through the Government’s Local Growth Deals.  Round 1 of the deal saw Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership awarded £66.4m (July 2014). This was bolstered by an additional £12.6 million awarded in January 2015.

The BIG programme forms part of Dorset LEP's Strategic Economic Vision to drive economic growth, improve housing, transport and infrastructure, and create more highly skilled jobs.

When did the BIG programme start?

The BIG programme is already tackling the issue of congested and inadequate road networks around the airport. In May 2016, the major renewal of A338 Bournemouth Spur Road, the key link road to Bournemouth Airport finished on time and budget, kick-started effective delivery of the programme. Following the successful completion of the A338, the Bournemouth International Growth Programme is examining the next stage of transport and infrastructure projects to transform access to and around Bournemouth Airport, Aviation Business Park and Wessex Fields.  A number of projects are currently under consideration to see which will deliver best value and keep driver disruption and impact on business to a minimum.

What is the timeframe for the BIG programme?

The transport and infrastructure investments are due to be completed by 2019.

Who is involved in the BIG Programme?

BIG Programme is governed by the BIG Programme Steering Group, membership includes Dorset LEP Board members and officers, Cllrs and officers from the Local Authority Delivery partners Bournemouth Borough Council, Christchurch and East Dorset and Dorset County Council and Manchester Airport Group (MAG) who owns Bournemouth Aviation Park.

Further information

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  • Businesses interested in locating to Aviation Business Park should contact Harvey Greenman 


Transport and infrastructure improvements planned over the next four years as part of the BIG programme


Transport and infrastructure improvements planned over the next four years as part of the BIG programme







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