Growth Deal funding up to £300,000

Jurassica’s ambition is to be a world class heritage attraction, based on the Isle of Portland located on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Jurassica is a registered UK charity whose main purpose is the advancement of education for the public benefit, they aim to do this through the establishment of an educational and scientific resource of global significance. As a large visitor centre the public will get the chance to see Jurassica in action as it showcases, interprets and brings to life more than 200 million years of geological history that is preserved along the Dorset and East Devon coastlines.

Jurassica received an allocation of £300k of Growth Deal funding. This was provided for the development of a feasibility study and Heritage Lottery Fund application for further funding. Although the HLF application was unsuccessful, the project has secured the money needed to continue from other sources, the LEP investment has been a key catalyst in helping the project to gain traction with private sponsors and donors.

Jurassica was the first Dorset Growth Deal project to be completed.

Jurassica’s Vision

Jurassica will bring to a huge audience Britain’s extraordinary scientific heritage and the unique role played by the County of Dorset in the birth of modern science and the understanding of evolution. It will be both an attraction that entertains, and a serious museum turned ‘inside out’ to show, practically, how modern research and preparation techniques are revealing the finds that promise to reshape our future thinking about the past. Jurassica would  cost £80m to build aims to  open in 2021, attracting around 600,000 visitors per year.  

This development is not all about the past as it will also lead to extensive training programmes, new apprenticeships, exciting research collaborations and exciting work placements will allow people to develop broad based skills in a wide range of ways to suit their needs and future aspirations. This is great for the future generations, the community at large and the business eco-system locally.

For more information visit the Jurassica website.







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