Legal Personaility

Dorset LEP is a Community Interest Company, incorporated in June 2016. Our Articles of Association are available to view here.

We are committed to performing good governance and have systems and processes in place to ensure our overall direction, efficiency, regulation and accountability.

Accountable Body and Section 151 Officer 

The Accountable Body for Dorset LEP is Dorset County Council. There is a service level agreement in place to manage this relationship, it is available here

Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) have published guidance on the principles for Section 151 Officers in Accountable Bodies. You can view this guidance here

The Section 151 Officer is required to provide Government with an annual assurance statement, reporting on their work for Dorset LEP, this is available here.

Board Members

Dorset LEP is led by a number of Board Members from different sectors, local authority representatives, and Higher and Further Education sector representatives, and their priority is to make decisions with Dorset’s best interest in mind. In the Meetings and Minutes section, you are able to view meeting dates, papers and minutes of Board meetings.

Our Articles of Association explain our purpose as well as our duties and responsibilities. 

Assurance Framework

Dorset LEP’s Local Assurance Framework demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability and sets out our approach to appraise, deliver, monitor and evaluate schemes to achieve value for money.

Detailed within the Local Assurance Framework are Dorset LEP’s Policies and Procedures.

Government's National Assurance Framework can be found here


Sub Groups

Responsibility for decision making and effective delivery across the full range of Dorset LEP activity is managed through a number of thematic sub groups, with the Dorset LEP Board having ultimate responsibility and accountability for decisions made.

The image below shoes the structure of Dorset LEP groups and other associated groups:






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