Growing Places Fund



The Dorset LEP Growing Places Fund has been provided with £9.7m from central government as a revolving loan scheme to support innovation, productivity and the creation of jobs and housing in Dorset.

The Growing Places Fund is a repayable loan that encourages local economic growth in Dorset. The Fund is designed to unlock capital projects which have a significant economic impact and the potential to increase innovation and productivity, create jobs and housing, and deliver tangible economic outcomes.

The Fund may also be used where businesses are unable to access alternative funding mechanisms for viable schemes that will deliver economic growth and support Dorset LEP’s strategic objectives.

To learn more about the Fund, please read our Growing Places Fund Prospectus.

We have limited funds available for investment in the Growing Places Fund.  Dorset LEP will welcome applications from a range of private sector businesses and public sector organisations operating in Dorset. If you are interested to apply, contact us on the email/phone below to learn about the application process.

All projects must meet all the following criteria:

• The investment is capital, not revenue

• 100% of the loan will be repaid within maximum 5 years from the award date

• The minimum loan amount is £250,000

• The investment is State Aid compliant

• The project delivers benefits within the Dorset County area

• The scheme will contribute towards the strategic priorities of Dorset LEP


Businesses that are interested to learn more about the Fund should contact:

Martina Hanulova
Programmes Manager, Growing Places Fund
T: 07925 891380

To date Growing Places Fund has been allocated to:

 Information on Growing Places Fund Steering Group can be accessed here.


Boscombe Regeneration

Boscombe West has high long standing levels of deprivation.The development of 11 affordable, low energy family homes is located at Gladstone Mews and was completed and handed over in August 2014. The development was completed below budget, at a cost of £1,194,395, allowing £305,605 of Growing Places Fund money to be released for reinvestment in further projects.

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