Destination Management Organisation Supporting Dorset Tourism

What the project is: 

DMO is all about supporting Dorset's tourism offer. Funding is to part support an officer appointment to drive through the findings of the LEP’s Destination Management Plan (DMP) within a newly-formed Destination Management Organisation (DMO) for the whole of Dorset.

The overall purpose of the work is to provide Dorset LEP via the Dorset DMO steering group with a number of specific outcomes. These are in relation to the agreed DMP and in particular the priority objectives that have been set by the DMO.

These priorities are:

  • Prepare a Destination Marketing plan for Dorset
  • Develop a visitor information plan
  • Develop, grow and coordinate events establishing a county-wide and publicly visible calendar of annual major events in Dorset for 2016 onwards
  • Create a new destination partnership (DMO) for Dorset
  • Enhance the management of the Dorset brand
  • Put Dorset in the best possible position should there be a change of government or policy direction
  • Work with DCMS and others as appropriate
  • Work with the inward investment team to drive Dorset forwards and avoid duplication of effort

The funding will deliver: 

  • An effective action and delivery plan(s) in place to achieve the priority objectives set out above  to deliver these objectives
  • Implementation of activities detailed within the action plan timetable
  • Generation of additional funding to allow adequate resourcing of project delivery with clear budgetary processes in place.
  • Establishment of an effective working partnership between Bournemouth Airport, Flybe, condor ferries etc and the Steering Group that can maximise opportunities from the newly announced routes.
  • Research and statistical evidence collection that will assist in delivery of objectives, and demonstrate effectiveness of outcomes.
  • A detailed report outlining details of all current or planned work being undertaken by stakeholders that will support delivery of the priority actions 




Download the Dorset Destination Management Plan below by clicking on the image below:

 For the evidence base that informed the final report, click here.


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