Dorset Local Nature Partnership


Government has established LEPs and LNPs to work together to drive economic growth, maximise benefits and to protect the natural assets on which that growth must be based. One role of the DLNP is to provide strategic advice to the DLEP on environmental and heritage issues to improve the quality and value of development projects, to reduce risk at an early stage and to ensure compliance with environmental policy and legislation. LNPs were established without funding yet cannot function without at least a minimal core funding.  This agreement is based around provision of a grant from the DLEP to the DLNP to contribute to that core funding.  This will:


By enabling the DLNP to function at a strategic level it can provide advice and information to ensure the DLEP’s projects are more robust, sustained and reduce risk of failure or lack of support due to environmental harm. 

The DLNP can assist with ensuring development improves Dorset’s unique environment by providing a broad and strategic evidence base against which to gauge environmental change.
Our funding will be used to employ a Dorset Local Nature Partnership Manager on a one year contract to deliver the objectives set out in the Dorset Local Nature Partnership strategy.

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