Holton Heath Trading Park


This project is: 

Holton Heath Trading Park is identified in the Dorset LEP’s SEP as a strategic employment site where investment is required to provide additional high voltage power supply, the absence of which is preventing the expansion of advanced engineering companies and holding back the release of additional employment land.  The scheme is spade ready but requires immediate investment to enable the power supply to be delivered on time (target Dec 2016).


LEP funding support for HV supply will fast track the upgraded high voltage power supply to Holton Heath which is essential in order to retain key advanced engineering business in Dorset and to enable early release of 5 ha of new employment land, and post 2017 a further 20 ha – With the potential to accommodate 2,220 jobs.

The amount requested is £50,000 to enable design work to commence on the provision of a HV power supply to meet the needs of existing and new businesses. The remainder of the anticipated £750,000 cost will be secured from landowners, businesses and local authorities. 



From the funding there will be :

The creation of a HV supply to Holton Heath Trading Estate.


This will:

  • Unleash the potential of exiting business, encourage the creation of new ones and attract investment
  • Heatric, a key employer, is considering the relocate of its manufacture base on the ground insufficient electric is available at Holton Heath.













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