The Ecological Sequestration Trust (T.E.S.T)


What is the project: 

A study to ascertain whether it is feasible for Dorset to use the TEST integrated planning and investment platform to ‘help deliver growth through business enterprise whilst safeguarding the environment’.

It is a 3 month study to support good governance for sustainable development and explain the very latest methods of using data and systems integration in decision making which will be the first in the EU.

Specifically TEST will inform and illustrate the function of the proposed platform, its design, potential content and capabilities through case studies to be carried out during the 3 month period using proxy visualisations. Highlighting the benefits and barriers, TEST will identify potential organisations to input into, access and maintain the platform.



The aims of this funding where to: 

  • Deliver a feasibility study and local workshop
  • Develop a ‘collaboratory’ for regional intelligence, with the LEP, local universities and third sector organisations. The collaborator is a cross-sector group of core organisations which would come together to collaborate on investment decision making based on the T.E.S.T model.
  • Test the appetite for a Regional Investment Fund, which would service the running of the collaboratory for regional planning and creation of ‘good investment projects’ for Dorset.

Deliver a report for setting out options for implementation in Dorset over the following 5 years to cover costs and some indication of potential sources of funding.









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