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Dorset LEP is committed to performing good governance; it has systems and processes in place to ensure the overall direction, efficiency, regulation and accountability of the organisation. This includes communicating with local stakeholders in an effective and transparent manner. To achieve this goal, all key information relating to the operation of the DLEP Board is available within the Governance section.

Dorset LEP is a Community Interest Company, incorporated in June 2016.

We are committed to performing good governance and have systems and processes in place to ensure our overall direction, efficiency, regulation and accountability.

Our Accountable Body is Dorset County Council which manages all public funds delegated to Dorset LEP.

Dorset LEP is led by a Board of directors which consists of business leaders from different sectors, local authority representatives, and Higher and Further Education sector representatives, and their priority is to make decisions with Dorset’s best interest in mind.

Our Assurance Framework covers how our board is formed and governed, how our decisions are made and how our programmes are funded and managed. The Assurance Framework also provides the Government with assurance that the LEP is operating correctly. Our Articles of Association explain our purpose as well as our duties and responsibilities.

Responsibility for decision making and effective delivery across the full range of Dorset LEP activity is managed through a number of thematic sub groups, with the LEP Board having ultimate responsibility and accountability for decisions made.

If you would like to give the Dorset LEP feedback either a compliment or a complaint, please contact Kathryn Hill in the first instance.

If you are not satisfied with your response you can find the procedure for formal feedcback here.

The image below shoes the structure of Dorset LEP groups and other associated groups


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