Housing Group

Housing affordability and choice is extremely poor in Dorset which has acted as a barrier to business growth and service delivery. 

The housing group has been established to better understand the impact of housing on growth potential in Dorset.

To support local economic growth and address acute issues of housing affordability, Dorset will need a range of housing that responds to and balances the economic social and environmental needs of the area.  At the heart of this ambition is the development of well designed high quality housing supported by integrated physical and social infrastructure, creating places that people want to live, work and visit, that compliments the surrounding environment and supports the area's vision for economic growth. 


Our housing commitment

  • work with local authorities to develop a strategic approach to the delivery of new housing in Dorset 
  • work with partners to take a strategic approach to attract housing funding and investment to Dorset 
  • support the house building and construction sector to deliver the housing growth required in Dorset  
  • promote the importance of housing development to support economic growth and improve productivity  
  • promote and enable greater links between the public and private sector to facilitate an acceleration in house building

Our housing report ‘Supporting Dorset’s Economic Growth – Future Housing Provision’ highlights the opportunities for addressing key growth barriers in housing affordability and availability.   


  • Magna Housing, Chair - Paul Read
  • Dorest LEP, Housing Lead -Catherine Bonnett 
  • Christchurch & East Dorset - David Barnes
  • Bournemouth Borough Council - Lorraine Mealings
  • Borough of Poole - Kate Ryan 
  • Borough of Poole - Kerry-Marie Ruff
  • Purbeck District Council - Fiona Brown
  • Purbeck District Council - Bridget Downton
  • Dorset Council's Partnership - Stephen Hill 
  • Dorset Council's Partnership - Hilary Jordon 
  • Homes England - Bruce Voss 

Housing updates are provided through the Dorset LEP Board papers and minutes.


Catherine Bonnett, Housing Policy Manager, cbonnett@bournemouth.ac.uk


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