Dorset's Young People's Forum


The Dorset Young People’s Forum supports the Dorset Employment and Skills Board (ESB) to achieve the following aim:

To work with employers to inform and develop the aspirations, employability and entrepreneurial abilities of Dorset’s young people aged 14-19.It does this by:

  • Knowingwhat skills and training solutions are sought by businesses in Dorset; communicating to both providers and the ESB what is currently available and any challenges in meeting employers needs now and in future.
  • Encouraging education providers to equip young people with the skills required by employers – “employability skills”.
  • Working in partnership to ensure all young people have effective careers education and are informed of market trends, locally and nationally.

Members of the Forum are drawn from Local Authorities, Colleges, Schools/ Academies, Universities, Employers, Economic Development and Training Providers.

To date the group has been active in many areas including:

  • Producing an Employability Charter to celebrate the work of providers and employers in ensuring Dorset’s young people leave at post 16 with a range of employability skills.
  • Joining the National Careers and Enterprise Company.
  • Advising the ESB of the pre and post 16 agenda locally and nationally.

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