The range of skills, property, connectivity and support networks that exist across Dorset make it an ideal location, whatever your type of business. The strength of the area’s economy lies in the presence of world-class leaders and international brands, within a diverse mix of sectors and balance of service and manufacturing businesses. 

At the same time there are sector concentrations with a regionally significant marine sector based around Dorset’s three ports, a thriving financial and business services industry generating billions to the local economy, a flourishing food and drink sector with companies representing both the niche market and mainline suppliers to the leading supermarkets, and an advanced engineering sector with a particular focus within South East Dorset. Our creative sector drives and captures the very best talent from around the globe to live and work and Dorset. 

Our key sectors are set out in our Strategic Economic Vision, which can be viewed here.

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Dorset's key sectors are:

Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

Dorset is home to a thriving and varied advanced engineering sector, which includes Aerospace, Defence, Composite and Marine technologies. Altogether, they employ around 15,400 people and contribute £800 million to Dorset’s economy. Some of the Dorset-based companies excelling in advanced engineering sectors include Cobham, Meggitt, BAE Systems, and Magellan Aerospace.

Agri-Tech, Food and Drink 

Dorset has a very long and proud tradition of farming, which has helped to shape Dorset’s beautiful landscape and it plays a key party in the economic activity of rural Dorset. Dorset also boasts a varied selection of locally produced food and drink, including meat, fish, dairy and wine.


Creative Industries 

Dorset is one of the fastest growing creative and digital hubs in Europe, and one of the best destinations for digital entrepreneurs. A highly skilled talent pool, a robust and efficient high speed infrastructure and an exceptional location makes Dorset a great place to do digital business. 

Financial Services

Dorset is the home to one of the biggest names in the financial services sector, including J.P. Morgan, and financial services  sector is the largest GVA earner for Dorset, employing almost 15,000 people. 



Financial Services

Agri-tech, Food & Drink

Creative Industries ( Silicon South)

Environmental Goods & Services

Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing ( Aerospace, Defense, Marine)

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