Dorset LEP’s modern industrial vision is to double Dorset’s productivity and economic output to £35.6 billion over the next twenty years, generating 80,000 jobs, building around 78,000 new homes, and creating a local economy that is sustainable, innovative and inclusive.

Local Industrial Strategy

Dorset LEP is now leading the process of producing a Local Industrial Strategy for Dorset.  Our Local Industrial Strategy will directly respond to the UK Industrial Strategy

Dorset Horizon 2038 - A Vision for Growth 

Horizon 2038 is our unique, sustainable strategy to realise our major ambitions for Dorset’s economic growth over the next 20 years. 

The strategy compliments our growing body of evidence set out in our Statement of Intent, Dorset’s Economic Ambition, and the Dorset productivity scorecard. 

Strategic Economic Plan / Strategic Economic Vision

In 2014 Dorset LEP launched its Strategic Economic Plan ‘Transforming Dorset’ setting out the key strengths and opportunities within Dorset’s economy and how they would be supported to drive economic growth.

Dorset’s Strategic Economic Plan was refreshed in early 2016, to reflect the changes within the County. Dorset’s Economic Vision is‘By 2033 Dorset will be one of Britain’s Core City-Regions, and the most sustainable of these. Its competitiveness will be driven by innovation.’



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