Great South West

The South West of England is a great place. It is poised for a step change in productivity and prosperity, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Industrial Strategy.

When productivity in the South West matches current levels in the South East, we will add over £18 billion a year to the UK economy.

Businesses, LEPs and universities in the region have been coming together as the Great South West partnership over the last 18 months to build the narrative and momentum for a region that is of national and international significance;

  • Our economy is already bigger than that of Greater Manchester and more than two and half times that of Birmingham
  • We are home to the single largest infrastructure project in Europe, Hinkley Point, generating £billions of business opportunities
  • We have the best natural capital in the country, attracting more visitors than anywhere outside London

The work of the Great South West partnership is overseen by a Steering Committee, coordinated by Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, with a membership of senior business leaders from the private, public and education sectors.

The Great South West Steering Committee directs the work of the partnership in line with the following core principles:

  • The need to promote the South West’s great opportunities for increasing the prosperity of our businesses, our people and our communities and huge potential to contribute to the wealth of the country
  • We will achieve this by working collaboratively across our cities, towns and rural communities, developing shared propositions, attracting investment and tackling barriers to productivity; making the whole of the South West a prosperous region
  • This is not about a fixed geography, it’s about working on areas of common interest across the South West with a “coalition of the willing” where our combined efforts can make a real difference
  • Our activities will be driven by our opportunities and our work will be directed by a steering committee of leaders from business, education and local authorities who believe in this vision

Great South West prospectus available to download here

Minutes of the Great South West Steering Committee are available to download here.

The Great South West Terms of Reference are available to download here

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