Partnership Working


Great South West 

The South West of England is a great place. It is poised for a step change in productivity and prosperity, taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Industrial Strategy.

When productivity in the South West matches current levels in the South East, we will add over £18 billion a year to the UK economy.

Businesses, LEPs and universities in the region have been coming together as the Great South West partnership over the last 18 months to build the narrative and momentum for a region that is of national and international significance. Read more.

South West Rural Productivity Commission 

The South West Rural Productivity Commission has been established as a partnership by four LEPs in the South West of England: The Heart of the South West (HotSW LEP), Dorset LEP, Swindon & Wiltshire (SWLEP), Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly (CIoS LEP) to explore the issues around rural productivity and growth.

These south west LEPs recognise the importance of rural growth, productivity and prosperity being tackled alongside urban growth, to ensure that improvements impact on all parts of the economy. The commission is set up to hear and review evidence from a range of sources and stakeholders. Read more

Innovation South 

Innovation South is a powerhouse of world class strengths in digital technologies that can transform the world and the way we live for the better: Better transport; better health; and ever more creative ways to relax and be entertained. 

In Autumn 2015 the UK Government announced regional investigations in different parts of the UK to identify individual region’s specialities. These so-called Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) are a new approach to local economic development, and in the South of England, the Government gave its approval to the formation of the Innovation South consortium and its focus on strengths in Digital Enabling Technologies. Read more.




South West LEPs 

The underlying principle behind the close collaboration between the south west LEPs is being better connected in order to enhance economic growth.

The south west LEPs have a common aim to transform connectivity to and from our area. Our focus is on major road and rail arterial routes, working in partnership with national and local governments and key businesses to drive improvements along the A303 corridor, M5, A417 (between the M5 and M4) and A350 route to the southern coastal ports and to achieve the ambitions of the Peninsular Rail Task Force. We are strengthening further our nationally important commercial clusters around aerospace, nuclear and marine technology, using all available resources such as enterprise zones and participation in the rounds of science and innovation audits. This will help boost the evidence base for future investment decisions and achieve our low carbon priorities.

Across the south west, we share the need to implement 100% coverage of superfast broadband and mobile coverage and, where there is evidence of market failure, use public funds to introduce ultrafast broadband to stimulate economic growth.

To learn more about cross LEP working, you can take a look at Greater Connected Report here. It is an independent business-led review of the submissions to Government by the five LEPs in the South West region.

The report aims to identify the common strategic goals for greater connectivity of the South West's roads, rail and infrastructure and is written from a business perspective. 

The report symbolises everything that your LEP stands for - partnership between both private and public sectors for the benefit of your county's economy. 

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